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Need a Volunteer for the August meeting


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We should go to a park and have a big bbq maybe some where that we could also play frisbee golf would be lots of fun =)


That's a really good idea. There was a nice park in between Salem and Portland that we played disc golf that would work well. Anyone have any thoughts on a park?

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I thought that August was the Newport BBQ? Atleast thats whats on the schedule.


Newport would be fun but I have no complaints if we move it a bit closer too


It was in the talks but nothing ever happened with it. There's always next year :).


I can bring a big package of costco hotdogs and buns for the bbq I am just not good at event planning and cordination =)


I'm thinking maybe the club could spring for the food but I will keep you in mind. Thanks for the offer though Jeramy.:). I will touch base with the officers and board to see what they think.


There is one at cascade park gateway (salem) McGiver parrk (clackamas river)


Last year we had the disc golf tournament at champing state park. I suppose I could try to whip another one up this year. Same terms as last year? $10 entry with all the proceeds going to tft' date=' prizes donated by our rad sponsors.[/quote']


That's the one Champoeg park. That would be fun Josh but I'm thinking the funds could go to the club. TFT is pretty well set. Would like to get some funds to maybe get a few guest speakers this year. I'm not familiar with Salem area Zach so I'm open to ideas.

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There is a park on the same block as my house that people have parties at all the time... maybe I can do it. First and last time ever, as am probably going to liquidate my tanks. Might as well have a last splash eh? But house itself is tiny, so a big group would be weird if it rained.

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Cascade is right off of I-5 and its central to most people (Meet at tpa afterwards too) maybe Gman could get in a massive shipment just for us haha. But disc golf would be fun never played but it would be a cool tournement


+1 for gateway park, where ever it's held, I too have never played disc golf but it sounds fun




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There is another park' date=' woodmanese, that has a good disc golf course. Its near where tpa used to be. I believe they have a covered area and the disc golf course is, IMHO, much better than cascade.[/quote']


Good call' date=' woodmansee is a very nice park![/quote']


works for me

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