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bad way lesson learned


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So we moved a bit ago and now the tanks are in the garage.. which means out of sight outn of mind..



I was at work when it was 90 degrees... hubby and I didn't think about the tanks... and they were in the garage over heating.... his tank was ok cause the lights were off and he has an open top and a fan running on. It but my big tank doesn't nor... and I lost two fish and my coral banded and now my purple urchin... and some coral die off... urg..



The entire time I had a chiller I kept forgetting to set up.. cause the tank isn't in the living room any more...




What a expensive way to learn I'm a idiot.... now the chiller is running. Though I want to get a heater chiller controller.. my luck one or the other will malfuntion and kill everything... well till my next horror in the tank happens

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