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Gobies/Pistil shrimps


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So when I placed an order for a pistol shrimp and a goby 1 month ago, I ended up with a mixed up shipment, I got 2 pistol shrimps...and a DoA Goby =(. The pistol shrimps made homes on the opposite sides of my 55g tank, and live under some massive LR that I have at those sides. I went ahead and ordered a black fin shrimp goby. When he arrives he is super healthy so after QT I put him in, he paired up one of my shrimps immediately. I had my LFS order in some watchman gobies for me and when they came in I went to go pick one up, QT'd him and afterwards put him in. They both paired up with one shrimp which was quite comical. However I did not want my other shrimp to get lonely so I went and got this beautiful gray watchman at my LFS. QT'd her and dropped her in a few days later. She paired up with the other shrimp yay, but then she left that shrimp and moved in with the other shrimp... So i have 3 gobies to 1 shrimp =( After bullying my YWG for a few days she finally started to cozy up with him... And now, my YWG and the gray have moved out together to live with the other shrimp! Interesting way that it all worked out but the pistol shrimp is excited. He is now digging up a storm over in his spot now that he has some buddies! It is also really funny to watch the two watchman's rub on each other. Once my sandstorm clears up from the initial crazy digging the shrimp did Ill take some good pictures. ( its almost cleared up enough )

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