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FS 90g mixed reef


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ALL SOLD - Alterego


Hello all,

I am going to be moving to the seattle area in about a month and can't bring my 90g mixed reef with me :(




90g with coast-to-coastnbean animal overflow, 55g sump with large center fuge. Plumbing included for $400

150g-rated Skimmer, PCI brand,gross green skimmate -$100

8-bulb tell fixture with two cords for separate timing -$300


2x 500gph koralia, $20ea

Mag7 pump -$60

3 boxes Kent salt, $35 each, 32 g brute can included for purchase of all 3

300w heater -$20

Corner frag rack $10


3" pink sarcophyton-$25


4 head green torch -$30

7"blue stag -$20

4 head multi-colored scan echinata $20


5" mini colony of blue digi -$20

~20 polyps of giant red palys on a medium rock-$30

5" teeny rock covered in raspberry reds and yellow zoas -$30

3-head rainbow chalice $25

2 polyp gorilla nipples, $8

4polyp green bay packers, $12

Other zoas, $2 PP


4" pink cabbage coral on small rock $15

(old pic of a mutli-headed colony and there's no GHA anymore, hasn't been for months)


One head purple tip frogspawn $5 - PENDING

Vollyball of chaeto, other macro, $10

My avatar: $30





false/true clown pair (female/male respectively), non-spawning, but friendly, $25


wheeler's watchman goby (possibly still with pistol shrimp...haven't seen him in months), $10

yellow tang (~4"), $25 - PENDING

tomini bristletooth tang (~4"), $25 - PENDING

typical hermits/snails $0.50 each (except chesnut snail @$4)

sand sifting star @$7

short-spine urchin, $7

long-spine urchin, $8

tuxedo pincushion urchin, $5



about 100lbs of rock, $2.75/lb



I'll try to re- add pictures. will consider offers for packages, I live in Corvallis. fish need to go and motile inverts need to go! Then rock&sand


Prices updated 25Jul2012


please make offers

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I'll take the forbidden fruit

Sorry to hear you are getting out


looks like there's two on this list for the forbidden fruit, looks like you're first, you want to come up some evening? wednesday's not great for me.


What brand is the skimmer?

I believe it's pacific coast imports, but there's roughly no labeling, got it on a trade a while back.


oh man thats to bad about the tank as you just got it up and ruinning...and i would love the palys if breef case doesnt end up grabbing them.what a suprise.


if there's not a plan for the forbidden fruit palys going to breefcase by sat/sun, we'll work it would with you, badx

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SWEET!when they grow out in a little while i could frag some up if you were still wanting them. :)


let me know a good evening to connect, I'll bring a chunk of the alien eye chalice I owe you while I'm at it. If it doesn't frag easy, I may ask to use your saw so I can sell the rest of it. definitely in need of some cash for this move, so selling this (at least the livestock) will help with that.

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Whole package $800, all livestock $400, live rock $2/lb, all equipment $400

The way I have it priced, there's about $700 of livestock, all yours for $400, that's half off!

Equipment is listed out at about $600, so that's 33% off for the bundle!


20% off your livestock for every 5 things you buy (not counted per-polyp(nono))


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Bump it aging, my all-inccluded buyer just backed out. Please make offers!


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Did you sell off all of the corals already? I thought you had a separate thread for them but I can't seem to find it anymore.

Also can you post pending on what isn't up for grabs so were not sending you a ton of PM's on stuff that people are supposed to be getting or is it all back on the market?

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