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180 complete setup for sale


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Well, I gotta go to college, and it isn't payin' for itself!


So up for sale is my aquarium. Its a 180. It has more than I care to explain in just this message. But its more or less everything you could possibly need for a fine setup.


If you are truly interested in the setup, give me a call at 971 533 4150.


You may look at my build thread for details


I am asking 700. Its an extremely good deal!








The tank will come with all livestock,


Meaning tons of mushrooms, zoas, palys, a large colony of blastos, a giant chalice, a hollywood stunner chalice, and much much more. Also, about 250# of live rock. as for fish, there is a blue tang, a vlamingii tang, and a few clowns


Additionally, you get a 20 gallon refugium (joined to the 25 gallon sump).


In the sump is a heater and a large skimmer( reef octopus, good to 200 galons I think)


Then of course, you get two 250 watt metal halides (I could consider throwing in a 400w as well if you would like) and reflectors, bulbs, ballasts


Than, you get the tank, stand, hood on top of that. and also, a tons of freebie chemicals etc.



So really, its a DARN good deal.


Please give me a call, I need to get rid of this thing ASAP, and I would rather sell to you than to craigslist guys


971 5334150



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