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Acropora Pictures

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PE? Do you have any prices posted on the web?


We moved all these colonies into a staged environment with a black backdrop so all the polyps closed up. In an effort to save time we didn't wait for them to reopen. If you right click on the images and look in the properties you will find the image name. The name will be followed by a number which is the price. For example, "BlueBottlebrush50" would be a $49.99 coral.

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I assume those are Maricultured' date=' correct? What does your Aquacultured selection look like?[/quote']


There is oneor two wild Aussie colonies mixed in but otherwise these are maricultured pieces. Our aquacultured frags can be found at the link below. It consists of ORA SPS, other sources, and stuff we grow ourselves.



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