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3 Tangs and an Angel


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I'm downgrading tanks and I have the following fish for sale:


Red Sea Desjardini Sailfin Tang - I have had this fish since it was the size of a quarter - $75.00

Yellow Tang - $30.00 - sold

Kole Tang - $30.00 - sold

Swallowtail Angelfish - Genicanthus melanospilos - reef safe angel starting to get long streamers on its' tail - $75.00 - sold


All fish are eating well. All of them are pictured below (pygmy angelfish is not for sale). Thanks for looking.



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Thank you for the angel Dave!!!!! He is swimming around my tank like he owns the place :) I


The pics really don't do the sail fin justice; anyone with the right size tank this fish is perfect. The pattern is really bright and vibrant, I think it must be a Desjardini. :).

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