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PNWMAS Tanks for Teachers program donation help

ryan in salem

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Hi fellow PNWMAS members,


This is ryan (AKA ryan in salem on the forum) and I’ve been involved in the Tanks for Teachers program for the past year. I was fortunate enough to have a 29g tank for my class last year. The kids loved learning about the tank and it created a lot of interest in the hobby for students, parents, and fellow teachers.


This is where I need your help. I was even more fortunate this year to have someone donate a 90g tank, 55g sump, and stand. I am conducting a fundraiser to be able to purchase the needed items to complete this tank. I’ve been a reef tank enthusiast/addict for many years with my own home tanks and really need your help getting this tank up and working. I work in a charter school, am raising a family, and make about half of a standard teacher so unfortunately I can’t purchase all of what I need. I plan on spending quite a bit of time sanding, painting, and building a hood with my own funds.


Let me know if you can donate anything for the cause. Specifically, I need a skimmer, return pump, lighting for softies, salt mix, and a heater. It would be nice to have some kind of wave maker, extra heater, a reactor for GFO, GFO, and carbon.


Thank you,

Ryan Comer

Tanks for Teachers


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