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Hello Pacific Northwest, New to your site from Monmouth,OR(rock2)


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Just wanted to say hello. Introduce myself and more importantly my tank. I have a 90 gal acrylic with 30 gal sump, in-sump reef octopus 3000, carbon & GFO reactor, 4 power heads. Inhabitants ; yellow tang, royal gamma, bi-color blenny, yellow tail damsel, black and white ocellaris paired with percula clown fish, sea hare, a purple spined urchin and an assortment of crabs and shrimp. This tank came to me about two years ago after many months of searching craigslist for the right set up that has been established for a while. Obviously before I met pnwmas or The Premium aquarium. I had alot to learn and was mostly on my own. However I was not new to aquariums. I have always kept a freshwater set up from goldfish to guppies to African cichlids and then discus, so the general experience saved me. The only casualties in the big move was a shrimp and the original mate to the percula.

Really looking forward to meeting some like minded people to share the love of the hobby. I have still many questions and lots to learn and in turn can help out someone just entering the hobby. I am so glad the people at TPA suggested this website to me. This is just what I was looking for, a saltwater loving community(dancing)

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Ahh.... Forgot to mention the corals ! (nutty) trumpet coral,Toadstool leather, kenya trees, galaxea, frogspawn, favia, hydnophora, assorted mushroom corals, and a few others. I have a great new light that I picked up from The Premium Aquarium. Its an AquaticLife R7S HID. I love my tank. Everything is growing so much I need a bigger tank :)

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