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small white spots on fish


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Welcome to owning blue tangs...they seem to be very easy suceptiable to ich....


I have had maricin work for me on ich...It has not been proven, but it has for me...and if you add a little to the tank daily, it should not harm anything. If you have tangs, I recommend a UV as well on the tank.

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My own opinion is never treat in your main tank unless u really know what your doing i use a quarintine like above mentioned if u overdose it could cost u more then your fish so iv always gone the safer then sorry route if u mess up in the hospital tank u usally see the fish r distressed and a quick water change things go back to normal mess up in ur display usally done deal.But above treatment methods work and little curouis what fanteseas have thats works so well always looking for better safer treatments.

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Guest Ahbrit

I used the fantaseas method myself when i bought 2 ich infested angel fish.

Pat requested i keep the medication ingredient list to myself.

It worked fine for me. I cannot say whether it was the medication or the fish just got over it.

I would recommend you take a drive over and speak to Patrick at fantaseas.


I still have about 3/4 of the dose i bought (prob out of date now though)

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