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High End Zoas 10% Goes to TFT


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Just like the title says. I have some high end zoas for sale. You won't typically find most of these at your local fish store. You can pick them up at the meeting.



10% of proceeds will go to Tanks for Teacher!




4 Nuclear Winter 30 dollars Sold to kknight31

2 Yoda 60 dollars Sold to nhoffee

4 Red Hornets 25 dollars Sold to Noob

3 Mary Janes 15 dollars Sold to Mohaynow

3 Pink Zippers 25 dollars Sold to Derbird

2 God of War 60 dollars Sold to Nhoffee

1 Scarface 40 dollars

2 Wobbegongs Trade

2 Vampire PE 50 dollars Trade


But wait there's more! Frags are WYSIWYG(clap)






2 Scarface 60 dollars Trade

3 Nightmare with 1 baby 30 dollars

1 Vampire PE Sold to MR S

1 Utter chaos 45 dollars

3 God of War 65 dollars Trade

2 Mary Jane and 1 baby 15 dollars Sold to Gill 20% to TFT

9 Darth Maul morphs 60 dollars Trade

7 Nuclear Winter Sold to MR S

17 Tyree Armageddon II 50 dollars Sold to Nhoffee

6 Pink Zippers 40 dollars




Here's a better picture of the Wobbegongs and the Scarface (second picture) as they didn't come out that great on the other picture





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those are sum nice looking zoas


Thanks! I'm sure I can find some you will like for our trade!


These zoas are nice. I need to control myself not to buy these. (nono)(nono)(nono)


Come on Frank don't resist! Some of these are hard to find locally and online! And part of the proceeds are going to a great cause! (clap) (clap)



I added more zoas to the page!

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You're bad (devil) maybe i just need to stay off this thread ... i was trying to save something for the auction ... then you put these upDOH!DOH!DOH!


Hey remember 10% goes to Tanks For Teacher(naughty) I would even contribute the whole 7.50(plotting)(laugh) Those Darth Mauls are calling you...(naughty)(naughty)

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I'd love those pink zippers and the Armageddons, but too bad I don't have a tank to put them in :rolleyes:


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Don't worry Mitchell. I have more available when you are up and running again! :)


May I have the 3 Pink zipper. I would be happy to pay at the meeting. :)


You got it! See you at the meeting!


ill take the Tyree Armageddon II


Okay Nate! I will add it to your tab!



List updated!

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