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Mistery suprise


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So I got some live rock and other items from clay yesterday and in the bottom of the container I was looking for copepods and found some sort of fry in the bottom. No idea what breed. Mystery fish. I put him in my fry tank which I hadn't taken down yet and he is there today.


Don't think he is a clown though. Not only is he longer than any of the clowns I have raised but his tummy isn't silver or pink like a clown but light yellow. And he seems to like to stay in the bottom of the tank. He is super fast and other than his eyes he is clear. So I have no idea what I'm dealing with...


Any ideas what the fry might be??? I'm going to try to raise him and see but I don't know what he requires and if he is a breed people can tank raise to juvielle. But he is definately a speedy little guy..


What a suprise he was to see... I have had a lot of hitch hikers but never a clear fry before.. and if I wasn't looking for copepods with my mag glass id have ended up dumping him in the tub... crazy I say

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