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AHHHH!(tank split)


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I was sitting downstairs this morning at 5:30am on the computer & turned to look at my tank and much to my horror, through the darkness I see water (lot's of water) on the floor in front & beside my 40B. AHHHH!!! I jumped up turned on the lights (yes I surf the net in darkness until the tank lights come & the fish wake up) and grabbed my Shamwow's (another thing I am embarrassed to admit owning) & started sopping up water. Long story short, the bottom glass cracked! Luckily Petco is having it's $1.00 a gal sale so I was able to pick up another one for $40.00. Now I just have to set them back to back & mark where they are drilled so I don't have to re plumb it. Also REAL lucky it happened on a weekend & not while I was at work! Side note, it seems the football gods don't want me to watch any playoff games. Last Sunday I was all set to watch football when my wife says "the kitchen sink is leaking under the cabinet" well, $40.00 worth of supplies & 5 hrs later I was done. waaay to long of a story. Let's just suffice it to say this is 2 Sundays in a row something happened to prevent me from kicking back to a game. Oh well could be worse.....

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