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Howdy ~ Jozee from Maple Valley, WA


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I had a 75 gallon reef setup 20 years ago - then 12 years ago, we moved from North Dakota - Brrrr! to WA state, and obviously couldn't take the tank or its inhabitants with us (sad).


We rented for years and now that we finally are home-owners again I decided to get back into the hobby. Found a setup on Craigslist and moved it last weekend. Everyone and everything made it through the trip and are healthy and happy. What I have found is that Holy Cow have things changed in the past 12 years!! My old setup had a skilter system, etc. and actually the new one has a multi-skimmer so we are actually looking to upgrade to a 75 gallon (bowfront) with a sump system soon.


If anyone knows anyone with a setup like that for sale, please let me know ~


We have a lawnmower blenny, many red mushrooms, a large Green cup mushroom (I think), a beautiful RBA, and a maroon clown of some kind - she is VERY mean - but she only has one yellow stripe - so don't know exactly what she is called (well, I know what I call her when she bites me, but I don't really think I should repeat that here (censored) haha. I'll post a separate thread with a picture to try to find out what she is.


Found Barrier Reef Aquariums in Renton thanks to this site. Also have found some valuable information wrt Aiptasia anemones (the tank has a BUNCH!), so have picked up a couple of Peppermints to take care of the problem, along with some Astraeas and Nassarius snails and a couple more hermits for cleanup.


So happy to have found this site - you have all already been very helpful - I hope to get some advice later on upgrading the tank to that larger bowfront as I will need to know what to get for sump, etc. and will appreciate any advice I can get.





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Welcome aboard Jozee. Good to see another Washingtonian on here. I've been learning from these folks for the past 2 or so years, definitely one of the best communities I've run into. I'm located over in Poulsbo, by the way, but used to live in the Renton Highlands before moving to the peninsula.

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