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Established 240g cube w/led lighting


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So it pains me to do this, but it might be time to put our tank up for sale. I'm not really well enough to take care of anything at the moment. And my wife is too busy with work.


Tank Thread



4'x4'x2' acrylic tank and stand. Coast to coast overflow back wall.

Custom made hood that holds a custom LED set up. Supports corals and anemones.

2 sumps hooked together. A 55g and a 60g cube.

The 55g is packed full of live rock and Cheato

The 60g holds the filter socks and skimmer (SWC)

Reef Keeper with PH and Temp probes and 2 Power strips.

Oceans Motions 4 way 1/2" set up for closed loop with 8 returns/bulkheads

Pump with 2 heads to do automatic/daily water changes (can dial in GPD amounts)

RO/DI with new filters. Think its a 100+GPD

2-3 full buckets of Kent Salt.

(2) Reeflo Dart Pumps. One only a few months old.

(2) 1/2" Sea Swirls for return along with 4 1/2" Bulkheads along back for return.

Tons of plumbing and ball valves

A few hundred LBS of live rock in display not including the hundred +lbs in sump.

Enough live sand to cover the bottom.

Custom made WAVE MAKER. Can have a .5-1" standing wave easily.

Tank just need to have the Stand skinned. We never got around to it.


All live stock/corals included except for one RBTA is owed to someone else. Coral beauty, pair of false percs, Melanarus Wrasse, Blond Naso, Pink Skunk Clown, Scopas Tang, Pair of Cardinal Fish, CLeaner Wrasse, Sand sifting Blenny, Largest Bubble wall coral Ive ever seen, 3 large beautiful RBTAS (4 in tank right now) plus tons of mushrooms, Rics, and Zoas. I think all the Hard corals have died. Had many rare zoas. Not sure whats is still in there. Many still alive. Had AOIs, Purple people eaters, Bam bams, and too many too list. Tank just needs a good cleaning, Tanks are Covered in Coraline algae right now.I'm sure I forgot alot thats in the tank.


Will include our smaller rimless cube tank, stand, MH set up that runs off the same sump. Makes a great frag tank or another small display tank. Will also include what PVC piping I have left to set up the tank again because the closed loop undertank will Probably need to cut to be moved.


$3000 obo for everything. Will not split ANYTHING up. If it doesn't sell its probably going to become a FOWL tank.



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