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TFT Live Rock, corals and more


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I have a tub full of goodies that I need to somehow get in the hands of Roger I'm hoping by tomorrow. I have pumps running on it over tonight but am planning on getting the big tank out of the house tomorrow and would love to donate the left over rock, sand, etc that I have to tft. I know there were a few schools that were just starting up so let me know if your interested in it. I'd hate to kill off the live rock or donate it to a store if a school can use it. I am busy most of the afternoon today but will check messages on my phone. I would also need to have someone bring me buckets as I won't have enough for all of the sand and rocks that would be going.


Anyways the offer is there. It's not amazing rock but it's free.

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The larger pieces of rubble went with frank. If there if any left over if someone wants to grab it from him. Great.


I still have half a bucket full of small rubble great for a sump or fuge.it's fair game for anyone at this point along with a big colony of plain zoas and calupera. Pm me if you want it. Otherwise it will be going to the lfs


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