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Clownfish being territorial


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I purchased a Cleaner Shrimp today and acclimated it for two hours. As soon as I put in in my tank, my two clownfish started bullying it right away. Tore off about every leg the shrimp had. After about three hours of torturing it, they finally left it alone. Looks like the CS might pull through. Anyone else heard of this happening?

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yes this is common...the clowns don't appreciate the cleaner shrimp "cleaning" their nest sites...


I agree...in this situation I do a few things. Add at lights off, after a big feeding. Also, I will take the invert by hand or net and set into rockwork...I NEVER dump shrimp in the top and let them swim down, it is too easily mistaken for a feeding. Even if the fish don't mean to hurt them, they can do irreparable damage in that first instant.


hopefully the shrimp will make it...it will be tough if it really has no legs, but they can regrow if it can make it until a molt. Then it will learn to stay away from that area. What size tank is it? You will want to make sure the shrimp has some space to call its own also

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