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Freshwater cube and Cascade 700 filter


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Hey folks!


As some of you already know, I am moving in with my fiance and decided to break down my freshwater shrimp tank and move all of my shrimp to my nano tank at work. So... my home tank and filter are for sale! Cheap!


The tank is a 7.5 gallon 12x12x12 Mr. Aqua cube. It's still in excellent condition. It was up and running for about a year.


The filter I have is a Cascade 700 (way overkill for a 7.5 gallon tank). I shortened the intake tube since it was too long for a 12" deep tank. I only took about an inch off of it. It still extends pretty deep. 16.5" to be exact. It comes with the stock sponge filter and some ceramic rings. One level of it is empty. I ran filter floss in that level, and obviously didn't save that. It only ran for about 4 months, so it should have years of good use remaining.


I'm asking $20.00 for the tank and $35.00 for the filter. Pretty decent bargains, IMO.


Let me know if you're interested. I'd like to jettison these things before I move at the end of January. And if you need a queen sized bed, sofa, corner desk or dresser, let me know!

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