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Whats the best way to catch crabs?


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I found 2 decorator crabs and 1 hairy crab in my tank that I've noticed over the past couple months. they haven't been a problem but I just want to get them out of there before they become a problem. I got home around 2:00am and I went to go check out my tank with a red light and I noticed on the huge mix polyp rock that one of the decorator crabs was just chillin on the rock. I grabbed my tweezers and caught him and put him in a piece of PVC with mesh covering each side. I have no clue what I'm going to do with him I was thinking of putting him in my 10gal HOB refugium but I don't want him to go mess up all my algae. What are some good traps?

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Oh - haha this could go soooooooooo many ways... (whistle)


I had a decorator crab in my old tank and absolutely loved him - he was a hoot and really didn't hurt anything. If you're close to Maple Valley, WA I'd love to take one off your hands.

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