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Strange things on the rock


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I came home today and was looking at the tank ( its the first thing that gets looked at, I don't think I'm alone here ) and I thought I saw the antena of my coral banded shrimp. I looked in a different place and saw the coral banded shrimp (scratch).


After taking a better look it was some long white things growning out of the rock that look just like the antena. I have not a clue what this is so I figured I would check it out. Is this some thing that I should be concerned with?






Sorry for the crummy pic's but in the first pic you can just make out them comming out of the rock. The second pic is just what I was looking at when I first looked in.


Thank you for your help.

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I can't see the pics because of a blocker on the computer that I am using right now, but it could be many things...

small brittle stars live in holes and stick out their "arms" to catch food floating by...

Other invertibrates also hide in holes and reach out.

the molt from a cleaner shrimp like Kim stated above,

the mucous "fishing line" from various invertibrates that they use to catch food (vermetid snails or something else)...


sorry I could not be more help.



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