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Looking for used betta bowls, got one laying around?


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Before I go out and buy a ton of betta bowls that I may or may not use, I thought I would check here and see if any of you guys have any laying around you want to part with for cheap.


I'm hoping to find some of the little aqua cubes with the single LED battery operated light. Like this:



Or one of the aqua culture betta globes that walmart has like this:


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nothing like that, but I have a nifty little bowl that was a really funky centerpiece thing with a home-made plexi divider. it's has a opening about 10" diameter, the base is probably 16" or so, but there's a void in the center kind of as a 6" diameter sphere. hard to describe. each side is about 3/4 gallon. I had pairs of fish we always named in pairs (umbrella/golashes, mort/shooter-think the movie secret window), kinda fun. I might let it go, but sounds like you're interested in something a little different.

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Love it. I was doing 2 quart freshwater biospheres for a while. I used Amano shrimp for the main "Aquanaut" in the inhabitant and pond muck for the necessary biodiversity. The most successful one lasted 8 months completely sealed.



That's what I'm basing these off of, I've been in love with the "Eco-Sphere" for as long as I can remember. ( Just never wanted to shell out the money for one (laugh) )


When I was a kid I would make biotopes out of sun tea jars all the time with stuff from my grand parents pond, they had it stocked with small freshwater shrimp to breed and feed the minnows, which in turn provided a food source for the trout that they stocked.


I'm still debating on if I want to make it a sealed system or not with as cheap as the betta setups with LEDs are now.


The shrimp that are in there now have lost all of their original color since they were attempting to camoflauge in the tank I have my octopus in. They are able to change their color to match their surroundings, anything from green, red, striped, clear, mottled like sand. I'll collect more soon, but when I first got them they were half green and half red.



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