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Struglin Chalice


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I got this frag of a unknown varity of chalice from a club member it was in his tank and the critters in there kept flipping it over face down in the sand. He gave it to me there were not many signs of life in it at the time. I brought it home about 2 months ago, and had simmilar problems every morning it was in a diffent spot face down in the sand thought maybe the little frag had a drinking problem. So the little life it di have seemed to die off and I thought ti was dead , I got some epoxy and attached it to some rock in a secluded area of my tank this was about 3 weeks ago. Now I am starting to see some signs of life I think but I dont know if this is the chalice coming back to life or just some hitch hiker taking over the dead skelleton. It was realy hard to get a clear picture but after a few hour of tinkering I finally got a simi decent shot




Tell me what you think is this a challice on the rebound or is it something else growing on the dead skelleton? Thanks for looking =)

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The spot I am looking at is sw of the corline in the shot above. I kinda figured when the corline started growing on the skelleton there was not much hope of recovery, but you never know right I dont know but you sre probly right aboutthe coraline.

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