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Cleaning out garage sale! LOTS of stuff!


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Just clearing some stuff out of the garage. If prices is too high let me know.



1- Reef Keeper Lite L3 plus and an extra pc4 power bar;3 total ( 12 plugs ) $225sold


2- Big Skimmer -Aqua-C EV-240 with mag 12 pump and auto waste container- $295



3- Big Pacific Coast external skimmer with pump. PS3000? Missing collection cup cover.- $85



4- 6ft Custom Sea Life power compact light with stand/fan/led moonlight. 4x 96w bulb. Need one bulb- $85 SOLD



5- 20g fuge with cover/light and stand- $45SOLD



6- Chillers- Sea line 1/10 hp- $145, Pacific Coast 1/4hp- $295, Industrial quality Aqua-Logic Delta Star 1/2 hp chiller- $550 (retail for $1550)


7- Ice Cap Metal Halide- 250w 2-ballast, 2 mogul, 2 spider reflector- $175


8- single PFO 250w ballast- $45


9- (4) T5 ballast/reflector/end cap/bulbs- $90SOLD


10- dual PFO vho ballast/ end cap/ and bulbs- $65


11- Aqua controller 3- controller and temp probe only- $55SOLD


12- Fuge light- cf, led, starting at $10


13- Tunze Stream- (2) 6100.10 pump, magnet holder, 7095 controller with photo sensor for night mode( control 4 pumps ). - $375 pending



14- 150w Viper 2 metal halide with 14k Phoenix bulb.- $65


15- Coral Life turbo twist 18w UV sterilizer light.- $65SOLD


16- LED moonlight $10 and $20


17- 2 scwd 1/2"- $15 each or $20 for 2


18- 2- T5 strip- $15 eachONE SOLD


19- 40g breeder- brand new with label- $40SOLD


20- 10g- $5


21- tank- 20 x 22.5 x 12- $35


22- (3) air lifter, new $15 ea2 LEFT


23- sump 1- 35.5 x 16 x 14.5, not pretty but works well- $45sold


sump 2- 31 x 13.75 x 18, very nice with built in fuge- $125


sump 3- 36 x 13.75 x 14, very nice- $125



24- koralia k1,k2,k3, 1050, several of each, $15-$25


25- Full sheet of reflector. 96% reflective. Pattern traced out for 2 lumen max reflector. Just need to cut and rivet. $15



26- R/O unit 6 stage, new DI and filter; need new r/o membrane. $95SOLD


Lots more stuff- mogul, dj switch, reactors,canistor filter, fans ( big and small ), air pump, power strip with timer and wavemaker, lots of small pumps for reactors, heaters, reactors. I am missing lots of other stuff, if you don't see it; just ask.


FREE- 40g breeder with crack glass on one side, one tub of stuff including fish trap, r/o stuff , fake plants and other stuff. 40G,fake plant, r/o stuff gone


pm me with questions.


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