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Tank leak


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Yesterday I came home from work and my tank had a small leak almost a gallon of water was gone. I ran out and got a 10 gallon because that was all I could afford. The old tank was a 20. I was able to move everything but my sand I will be able to go get some more tomorrow, but i was wondering if anyone in medford would be able to give or sell me some live to seed everything.

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where is the leak? if it is a glass tank, I have had success redoing the silicone. It costs about $5 for a tube of silicone.


CLEAN and DRY the old tank!!!! (very important)

Use a razor blade to COMPLETELY remove ALL the old caulk.

CLEAN again with vinegar. RINCE and DRY!!!!

Goo a continuous bead of PURE silicone all around corners. Make it look pretty.


You can buy tubes of silicone from pet stores, but there are also some that you can get at home depot (make sure it is PURE silicone, no additives or anti-fungal). You can do a google search to find a type that is safe to use in aquariums.



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I think its in the bottom of the tank, its just a small drip but I haven't been able to find its location yet. Its an old tank that I got from a family member and I am not sure what all happened to it. I am going to just save some money and try to get a nicer tank setup in a few months. Everything is doing great right now in the 10, and I am religious about weekly 25% - 50% water changes.

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