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What is your favorite lfs in Portland and/ or Seattle?


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I'd have to say that they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I like to visit them all. You never know when someone will have something you just can't live without.


Rose City Aquarium has been very helpful with some special requests for me, and they have a really outstanding selection of small frags, which is really important to me with a 2 gallon pico.


Saltwater Fanta-Seas seems to have an amazing selection of shrimp, crabs and clean-up crew and some really beautiful corals. They also tend to have a good selection of small frags. And some really nice live rock.


SeaHorse Aquarium had an amazing selection of softies, and they are super personable and nice. I found one of my favorite mushrooms there.


I just recently made it up to Ocean in a Box, and had a great experience there. I bought an amazing ricordea and got some of their home-made frozen fish food that every single critter in my aquarium goes absolutely crazy for. No worries about leftover food going bad when I feed them that stuff.


Just made it by Upscales last week for the first time and they had an incredible selection. Unfortunately I was on my lunch hour otherwise a few frags would have gone home with me.


I think we have a pretty nice collection of local fish stores around Portland, and it would be a shame to miss any one of them, IMO. Each of them has something different.


Keep in mind, I'm really only interested in small soft coral frags and things that are appropriate for a 2 gallon pico reef, so my viewpoint is skewed towards these things.

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UPSCALES for sure!!!! Travis has so much coral And the display tanks are second to none...


Right Travis is the only person to get my business. Moat shops really haven't taken care of me even though I've dropped hundreds on livestock alone, Travis does take care me as I believe he appreciates my repeat business.


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I have to says that Upscale is the best place for your first visit, they are the founder of SPS corals and many more in this town the most important thing is to keep them alive and that are the best, my self was a customer of Upscale and also a friend with Travis, Tom and Barry. My recommend is that pay Upscale a visit and ask Travis for some of his stunning SPS frag, you will not be disappointed, and if you want some of Westside collection Afterward come see us we will be there to make sure that you will have a good time while you at Westside.



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Dang I forgot to throw the premium aquarium in the route (Garrett) for the I-5 trip Garrett's then Travis and if you venture off of I-5 head west to Westside


In the portland Metro(plus Salem) the stores are (in no particular order)


The Premium Aquarium


Rose City


Saltwater Fantaseas


SW Washington


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Thanks all, I will have to save this thread and check these stores next time. We had a little accident on our way up, everyone is ok, but made me not want to drive around very much! =( So if it ever stops raining in Portland, I will definatly be back! lol I did get to visit upscales, great store, nice display tanks and very friendly.

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