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Red Sea Max 130 Plumbed w/sump


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Just bought this the other day. Got bored and had some extra stuff laying around and figured I would plumb it with a sump.


Things I like about the tank are looks, very nice looking tank. Self contained for the most part. Things I dislike are it was noisy. Power Heads vibrated, Stock skimmer sucks and the Fans are loud. Stock lighting was not all that either. (flame)


Now this tank is dead silent except for an occasional gurgle. Lighting is next.....


When I first got it. Sold most the livestock already.



Front view after cut.



Fitting overflow and plumbing.






Now for the tank returns. Had to drill these out to fit the original PH outlets.



Glued in and put in place.







10 gallon sump running and leak test.




So far very happy with the results. I will place LR in the large chamber under the overflow box and the heater in it's designed area leaving the sump for Macro Algae, Skimmer and return pump.


As for lighting I just replaced the two PC and am adding a 12" ReefBrite LED fixture (not Marineland). http://www.reefbrite.com/reefbrite-tech-led/


Will update soon....

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Thanks guys, LED's would be awesome but trying to keep cost down. The main reason for this tank is to get all Softies and some LPS out of the SPS tank. Making some room. ;)


Hope to get the tank in the house today. Do the landscape and start the cycling process while working on the lights.

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Ok, got the tank moved into the house. Put LR into the false back, some sand and LR into the display side. Then I got impatient and started moving corals before I finished the landscape. DOH!


A few shots of the progress.




Cutting up the hood.






PC's and LED's on



LED's only



Stocked with SPS, LPS and some Softies. I really hope the lights workout. :) out.DSC03869.jpg





Everything came from a well established tank but still looks a little pissed off. Hopefully tomorrow the corals will look better.


More updates to come.....

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Tank looks great! The Red Sea Max line are the cleanest looking tanks I've seen (maybe I am just saying that since I love my Max 250). Your corals should do fine, especially the birdsnest. I'm just sad that I'm considering selling my RSM250 for a larger tank (sad)

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Thanks guys,


J-Dog, yes very nice looking tanks. My plan was to fix it up put all my softies in it and try to sell it. (nutty) not really into softies or Nano's. Really wanted all the Softies out of my DT.


Impur, have had the Reefbrite's for quiet awhile. These were on my frag tank in the garage. I was using them with my MH as a supplement. I love the color they give. I would try to buy them used. They pop up here and their on other sites.(naughty)


Noobtosalt, no Plenum.

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