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Leather Coral


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I have a toadstool which is spliting of a new little shoot or two . The problem I have is that I dont want the new shoot to attach to the same rock I want to move it to a frag rock. How do I remove it from the rock it has attached to with out ripping it assunder. The last time I tried this I fragged the leather by ripping it into two pieces when I thried to pry it off the rock it was attached to. The little bit that ramained has healed and is putting out new polyps. which is not the result that I wanted. do ihave to remove a portion of the rock that it is attached to to avoid this . Thanks for all your fragging tips =)

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There is a good fraggin video on leathers. If you are going to 'help' it along, it is best to remove it d/t toxins that are released. You can use scissors or an razor blade. Once you have the frag, you use a rubber band and lightly attach it two rock, it will take about 2 wks to adhere. I will try and hunt down that video.


edited for video:


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