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baby clowns growing up


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One of my baby maroons have just gone into there adult tank with a austrian tomato clown who is paired with a false percula in a reef tank..


They say that maroons are loners and adverse to sharing tank space with other clowns. They are the only clown that has a bony cheek spine below each eye infront of their gill covers. Maroon are also found in the ocean as solitary couples. The couple occupy their anemone. They don't. Live as social units with juveniles like any other of the 27 species of clowns.not even with their own young


But my clowns are sharing a tank together. With no fighting. And together. I believe that is because the maroon clown went in being juvenile.. With a mixed couple already in the tank. If all goes right the clowns will be a rare mixed group rarely seen in captivity in a small tank.. and the maroon will remain a juviele.


All these clowns are hatched in my tanks by me... and the maroon is a quarter inch long and the tamato and the false percula are about an inch and a half. All getting along in a reef tank. Amazing.

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clowns growing up pictures


Here are some pictures. The maroon parents are golden maroons. Also none of the clowns are aggressive like most clowns can get. because since day one my hands have been in the tank.



[ATTACH]12140[/ATTACH] baby maroon picture in reef mixed clown tank 1/4" big





[ATTACH]12141[/ATTACH]false percula and tomato 1 1/2"



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