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Gauging interest in buying Par Meter Salem, Albany, Newburg, S.Portland


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Hey guys in a close proximity to say " the Wheatland Ferry" being the center of a circle that includes maybe leaving the thing at Garretts in Salem as a central point of interest.


Maybe if 20 of us want to pitch in $20-$30 dollars and your name goes on a list, you can use a nice Par Meter. My guess is you only need it for a Day every six months or so. Maybe make a list and rotate the thing when close to each other. Kind of like Im between Dallas and Amity and go to McMinnville about once a week or I can go there if someone wants it progressively after Im done. Say someone from Corvallis, Albany and even Eugene can schedule a quick run meeting in the middle. Not sure if they have a combo meter that would tell the Metal Haliders if they need new bulbs or not.


My wife heads to Salem ALOT and passes through Mac and Newberg frequently as well so some of us could even act as UPS or Fedex types ( maybe closer to Dominos Pizza!)


Anyway, if you're interested just add your name to the list, maybe when we get to 5-10 of us we could make the jump, I would even dump $50 if theres only a few of us and maybe figure out a rental thing where you rent it for $10 to KNOWN members

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