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Thanks Val


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Clowns & Anemones


Thanks Val for the RBTA. The clowns are a bit frightened by it for now. I've target fed the anemone and the clowns are getting closer to it. Any tricks besides patience to get it to host?


My experience with this is not much, but what I can tell you is that I have 4 Clowns, 3 of them went to the anemone almost immediately with no problem and 1 of them wouldn't have anything to do with them. He stayed completely away from them for months when there were several anemones in the aquarium and one other Clown that was not aggressive at all and never chased him. It took me moving and having the Clowns in a 5 gallon bucket with the anemones and he quickly decided that he loved them. I would say be patient at first and give them a chance to warm up to the anemone and then you might try a bucket.

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