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240g cube tank fs

city hunter

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I bought this from epic1 awhile back, but its just too big for my house. We made one attempt to get it in, but its not gonna happen. I need to get it out of my garage.


It's 4x4x30 I think.I gotta go measure the height. . The tank comes with a very nice and very heavy stand with sump, protein skimmer, return pump, and I think one more pump with one of those reef octo blow heads. I cant remember the name off hand. The hood has 4x 250w mh and 4x vho actinics.


I paid 2000 for the setup and I would like to get that back. I might consider a partial trade for something around 150ish gallon and acrylic. But right now I really need to get this thing out of my garage so I can get back to working on my car.


Here are some pictures of the tank setup right before I bought it. It will need a liuttle cleanup but the acrylic is in excelent shape.




Tank is acrylic

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