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think my skimmer is to big?


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so i have a 25 gallon tank with a 10 gallon actual water volume in the sump and am currently running a swc 180, but after reading it seems a smaller skimmer might be more effective.


would like some thoughts, i am considering down sizing to the 160 and upgrading the pump to something, just dont know which. its rated at 100 gal heavily stocked


but not sure if i should just go with the swc 120, which is rated at 55 heavily stocked, so i think thats to small.


i can tell you its going to be super heavily loaded, so that was my thinking with the swc 180, but its for sure incosistent for me, and after some reading it would be due to the neck size. right now im only feeding every other day and only 3 small fish and montis, and after feeding it freaks out just dumps water into the cup so i.turn it off and after some time i turn.it.on and it skims well!!!! and then dies down im guessing becasue of not a ton of organics in the water and thus the neck factor size coming into play.


so should i down size? and if so is there a bubble blaster pump i can upgrade too? (was thinking of upgrading the 180 with a bubble blaster 3000)


any help and insight would be stellar.

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Re: think my skimmer is to big?


The 180 is overkill for 35 gallons-but (insert sarcasim) it may allow you to feed 6-10x a day.


The 120 would be a sweet skimmer for that size and still possible to large-IMO


When you say "super heavily loaded" what do you plan to add


ill have orange spot file fish (2), a jawfish, possum wrasse, and a couple of small percs.


with the sand sifting goby, tiny fairy wrasse, and a super small tailspot blenny that are already in the tank.


as well as all my montis in there.


so i will be feeding a lot for the filefish.


im thinking of the skimz 181, as it says it works on a 53 gallon tanks. a guy reviewd the 201 on his 90 gallon total volume and it did really we for him and that skimmer is rated 210-560 gallon tanks.


so still not sure what to do, but ill be getting a new skimmer.


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