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Almost a sad day.


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This morning as I'm on my way out the door, I look at my tank as usual. Everything looks great except the poor lifeless body of my new pom pom crab laying on sand. I was kinda bummed out but had to get to work, so I quickly removed him from the tank so the water wouldn't get fouled. Ran a quick test strip to make sure there weren't any water quality issues--a quick check revealed no serious problems.


For the first hour of my work day, I was kinda bummed, but then I started thinking that I hadn't examined the body very well, and just last week, one of my hermit crabs fooled me into thinking he was dead only to find it was just a molt.


I come home this evening hoping it was what I suspected, and there hiding under the rocks was my healthy and freshly molted pom pom crab!


You would think I wouldn't get fooled by this after having kept freshwater shrimp for almost a year. I'm no newbie to finding molts in the aquarium, but boy do these crab molts look like a dead crab. Shrimp molts are usually clear-ish and pretty obvious.


Happily, I was fooled again!

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