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ORA Frogskin/RedPlanet


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Uh can you make out the 2 frags of red planet, or the frogskin frags?



OK the frogskin frags are green (DOH!) and the red planet frags are at about 2 and 10 o'clock from the newest acro in the center (which is above the acans and to the left of the blastos)


Frogskin frags range from 15.00 (1 left at this price, about a 1.5" frag) to 40.00 (3 at this price as well) better pics available-you wont be dissapointed-;)


Red Planet;

smaller piece about -30.00 -SOLD

larger piece about -50.00-SOLD



Here is a little better shot of one of the 45.00 pieces-These are not small pieces, thats an 1.5" frag disc its on and you can tell by the eggcrate-this one is roughly 2x3 easy



Stay tuned lots more to come, Yumas Montis Acros.....

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