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WTB: nice LPS & softies


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I like that green sinularia too. If he doesnt grab it, I might. I have a lot of frags cut right now. Acans, chalice, pectinia, fungia, zoas. I have lots of trumpets and frogspawn/hammers but i usually frag those to order as they dont really need healing. Most frags are 10-20ish. If you send me your email i can send a few pics for quality assurance haha

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OK here is a list of frags I have..


frag of Green palys 5$

frag of Purple Death Palys $5

frag of Green Bay Packer Zoas $10

Whammin Watermelon Zoas $5

Dragon Eye Zoas 10$

Red Hornet Zoas $10 a polyp


Orange Monti Cap $5

Green Monti Cap $5

Purple Montipora Cap $10


Green Mushroom $5

a few Hairy Mushrooms $5

Green Yuma Mushroom $15

Purple Mushroom $5


Electric Rose Bubble Anenome $35 this is the one with the Whiteish lighting bolts between the tenticals.

Green frogspawn $10 a Head

Champagne Hammer Coral $10 a head


There may be a few more I'm not thinking of..

Here are pictures


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