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WTB complete Nano tank for daughter


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Welcome back Mark' date=' you've been gone for a while. How's your tank doing?[/quote']

Hey Danik!! Well my tanks doing it thing, not much maintenance but all my fish are alive! Wish I could say the same for the corals, I probably have 1/2 my corals due to no water changes and such. Just no time and the entire front coralined up and its a real crapper to keep clean. My Daughter lives up in the hills sort of and its even more dreary than regular Oregon because she's blocked in between 2 mountains east and west. I figured she needs a cube of sunshine! Weirdly enough my Vortechs are still purring along :)

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Good to hear from you, I have not had a single problem with 4 of my vortecs ether.

With weather turning bad everybody starts paying more attention to their tanks. Also you'll have to get some kind of front access to your tank so you can keep it clean, can't imagine cleaning my tank from the back. Anyway good luck Mark.

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