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Divers Plant 777 Corals at Marine Park


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Durie Rainer Fong

Source: The Star

October 17, 2011


Semporna, Malaysia - "Fifty divers, including international participants, took part in a coral planting event in Sabah's east coast district.


Held under Astro Kasih's Beautiful Malaysia programme, the divers, who also comprised 25 Astro Kasih staff members, planted 777 individual corals at Ribbon Reef in Tun Sakaran Marine Park near Bohey Dulang Island, about an hour's boat ride from here.


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My experience planting corals in Thailand


This is a great story! For anyone interested in diving in Thailand and perhaps participating in re-establishing reefs in the S. Pacific, I recommend checking out The Adventure Club/Phi Phi Dive Camp on Phi Phi Island. During the Winter of 06/07, two years after the tsunami, I studied abroad to participate in stocking a brand new coral nursery with frags from healthy parent colonies in the area.


This is the Adventure Club website: http://www.phiphidivecamp.com/adventure.html The photo on the top right of that page shows my classmates prepping coral frags to be put into mesh grids that were then attached to an artificial reef pyramid structure.


This is the Phi Phi Dive Camp website: http://www.phiphidivecamp.com/coral-rehabilitation-workshop.html The middle photo shows me among my classmates/friends working on the back of the boat to put frags of Acropora sp. into clear PVC tubing which were then stuck into the holes of netting stretched across a square PVC frame. The gallery shows pictures of the operation, as well as dive sites around Phi Phi Island.


I hope to go back to Thailand within the next two years to see the frags I planted, which have since been moved from the nursery to a reef. I can't wait to see how much they've grown!

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