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Montipora spongodes

Kung Fu Spider Crab

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I'm wondering if anyone has much experience in growing these? (scratch) A friend gave me a frag and it seems to be doing well. However, I'm not sure of the growth pattern. Is the growth white like other montipora? My other montis have the white rim around them, so I'm wondering if that is the same with this? Different sources have indicated it needs moderate light to high. I don't have it directly under one of my 250 MH, but in the upper third of the tank. I'm excited to see what happens, but would like a little feedback.




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yes, the growth will be lighter colored, depending upon how high I put it under light the polyps go from deep red to brownish colored. Be careful where you put it, it will take over the entire area, it grows very fast. I haven't found many sps that can fight it off so I find I am constantly trimming it to keep it away from other sps, I wish I would have isolated it on its own rock

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