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I am looking for a good in sump skimmer which is not too large. . .hopfuly for upto 55 gallons, as I have a 15g sump and want it to fit into the sump. .






Really need one.. my bak-pak cpr skimmer is acting weird and not skimming at all... no froth is being formed, have been noticing it for over 2 days now.. dont know what is wrong, but would really like to buy an in-sump proterin skimmer which is not too big.



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If the skimmer is not creating foam have you tried cleaning the Venturi hose? Just use a syringe and squirt some rodi water in there.


SKimmer wise I have 2 I want to get rid of, a PCI 1000 recirculating and an ASM G2. Both come with pumps. Make me an offer.


I want to buy a Bubbleking this week so if I could sell these it would help me out.

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