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Rare Fish - Special Pricing


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One of our suppliers has an incredible list of ultra rare fish this week. Joculator Angels, Wrought Iron Butterflies, Conspiculatus Angels and many more I've never seen on the list before. These are not budget friendly fish but we will be offering some incredible "pick them up the day of arrival" specials. Live arrival will be the only gaurantee at these prices and deposits will be required.


Here is the list. We are ordering from this company Thursday around 12 noon. We would also have an opportunity order again next week.


Lg Adult Chrysurus Angel - Pomacanthus chrysurus - Reg $599.99 Special Order $450

Sub Adult Changing Chrysurus Angel - Pomacanthus chrysurus - Reg $249.99 Special Order $175

XL Horn Shark - Heterodontus francisci - Reg $299.99 Special Order $200

Adult Conspicuous Angel - Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus - Reg $2599.99 Special Order $1800

Joculator Angel - Centropyge joculator - Reg $1199.99 Special Order $800

African Reef Basslet - Liopropoma africanum - Reg $1799.99 Special Order $1100

Lg Flathead Perch - Rainfordia opercularis - Reg $5599.99 Special Order $3200

Australian Masked Heniochus - Heniochus singularis - Reg $599.99 Special Order $450

Lg Australian Hi Fin Coradion Butterfly - Coradion altivelis - Reg $249.99 Special Order $170

Lg Wrought-Iron Butterfly - Chaetodon daedalma - Reg $2799.99 Special Order $1800

Jumbo Australian Yellownose Butterfly - Chaetodon flavirostris - Reg $299.99 Special Order $225 (Smaller sizes avail)

Whitecap Goby - Lotilia garaciliosa - Regular $299.99 Special Order $225

Lg Queensland Grouper - Epinephelus laceolatus - Reg $699.99 Special Order $500

Cortez/Costa Rican Hog - Bodianus diplotaenia - Reg $199.99 Special Order $150

XL Old Wife - Enoplosus armatus - Reg $449.99 Special Order $325

Bat Ray, Guitar Ray, Epaulette Shark, Wobbegong Shark, Tassled Wobbegong Shark - Ask for prices

Sm Juv Chevron Tang (Now almost impossible to find) - Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis - Reg $299.99 Special Order $250

XL Sawtail / Yellowtail Tang - Prionurus punctatus - Reg $399.99 Special Order $300

XL Crosshatch Trigger Pair - Xanthichthys mento - Reg $1599.99 Special Order $1100

Choati Leopard Wrasse - Macropharyngodon choati - Reg $249.99 Special Order $175



I know these are expensive and may not draw much interest but it was such a unique list I had to offer it. Let me know if you are looking for one of these collector fish.

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