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Just got my new Camera what lens now???


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I'm a pro photographer and can make many recommendations. The easiest way to get great shots is a true macro lens with a 1:1 ratio. Go to www.dpreview.com and you will find a ton of info. I'm using a 1:2 ratio macro and it works ok. I just don't have the money for something better. Keep your shutter speed up if you have much flow in the tank. I often have to shoot 1/500th or above to keep the pic sharp.

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I'm also a pro photographer but my advice would be to trade in the Nikon and get a Canon. :D


I find it easiest to just turn the pumps off so a higher shutter speed is not as needed and the photos are easier to focus. Just my preference, it depends on the look of the photo I want.


For tripods I use a manfrotto with a 498RC4 ballhead. I think the few extra bucks for the ball head is often very overlooked. The addition of the second tension knob is a huge advantage to that tripod over others I have used.


I don't use macro lenses myself so I am no real help there, I do like long low light lenses the 70-200 f2.8 is my favorite lens I routinely use.

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