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November meeting... we need u!!!!


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I'd be down to help you out Stew! Mabey we could do another night trip and show a video of it?


That'd be cool, just gotta either get ahold of Boyd and have him come with us, or get a decent head mount cam our selves. If we could borrow a projector I could through it up on the wall in the garage, I've been meaning to get that setup for a while now anyways.


I will help. Plus an excuse to go catch creatures. On a side note what about the collecting trip video from the day?


I gotta call Boyd now that his busy season is over.


Lets all get together soon and figure out the trip and lets plan on hosting the November 19th meeting at my house, as long as the powers that be are interested ;)


Maybe we can have a Coldwater get together at Uchu?

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That works fine' date=' want me to still bring down the projector?[/Quote']


Yeah that'd be great, I wasnt able to get the footage of our collection trip that I wanted, but I have some pretty cool remote operated vehicle videos of the oregon coast that might be cool to show. I'll try and get ahold of the videographer again and see if he has any video ready that we could show.

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Meeting Address


16224 SE Anderegg Pkwy

Damascus, OR. 97089


Phone # is 541-513-6157


The meeting is at 12-3pm Hope to see you all there.

Here is tank desc

I have a 325 gallon coldwater system consisting of a 200 gallon display tank, a 15 gallon flow through tank for my octopus, and a 110 gallon sump. All the livestock is native to the Northeast Pacific Ocean almost all collected by myself or for me. You may recognize some of the tanks inhabitants from Steve Weasts system, or if you've been the Oregon Coast Aquarium recently

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