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We need a little fairness here.....


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I just noticed that one of our members left a negative ITrader feed back for me, so I thought I'd respond with the "real" story.


I responded to a classified ad on this forum for frags...kinda rare to find an ad for frags in Salem! I met the person and viewed some corals in a small tank that appeared to not be the recipient of good husbandry. The seller proposed selling me some 1 polyp frags of zoas...which of course hadn't been fragged yet....and have a very poor survival rate in the best of circumstances.


In an attempt to quietly remove myself from the unwholesome environment without hurting feelings I told the person to send me some pictures in a few days after the frags had healed, and if I liked their looks I would take them.


The very next day I received a phone message....no pics....that the frags were cut and could I please pick them up right away....acting like I had definetely agreed to purchase them sight unseen. As this person was obviously ignoring our original meeting of the minds I waited for the pics to arrive. That has yet to happen!


Now you all know....and I am on the wall of shame!

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Some have no reasoning & most of us know this. If you agreed to buy a frag from me & then changed your mind I am not at a loss, I still have a very marketable frag & will sell to the next lucky guy/gal in line. Don't feel bad about some one's desperate measures to off their items. That in its self is a giant RED FLAG.

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