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180gal Up-Grade


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Well I finally have a little time to finish the new tank - custom built (by me (laugh)) 180g 48"lx36"wx24"h,,





closed loop with a ReefFlow ?? 4200gph that flows thru a Hayward 3-way ball valve to 1" BH's, turned by a 1-rpm motor sitting on top


with external overflow using the bean animal silent OF

p><p> [img]<a href=http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f230/wanareef/filtersocks.jpg' alt='filtersocks.jpg'>

The other end of the sump


The skimmer is a big diy 10" cast tubing that I built about 1 1/2 yrs ago just for the up-grade using a Askoll motor block and needle wheel, diy volute stands 24" tall


Custom over built frag tank (by me (laugh)) 36"lx17"wx17"h using 3/4" thick material, 45gals


The little one sitting face down on the bigger brother


Lights are diy Lumenarcs enlarged to 18" sq compared to the small style of 14.5" sq using Phoenix 14k's DE and Dual PFO HQI ballast - soon to join the LED express

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