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HUGE SHIPMENTS!!! Tons of goodies!

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Hey everyone! I have a ton of new fish and inverts coming in tomorrow afternoon from a few different suppliers! There will be beautiful Fairy and Flasher Wrasses, Tangs, Angels galor, Gobies, Blennys, Aussie Dragon Face Pipes, more Snail variety then I have ever had, largest Invert selection I have ever had including lots of crazy nudibranchs, conchs, shrimps, etc., SO SO dang much!!


The shop will be opening a bit later tomorrow so that I can go pickup the shipments which are arriving throughout the morning and early afternoon. I should be back at the shop by 2-2:30pm with all of the goodies.


This will be a great week to stop by! On top of all of the hundreds of new fish and thousands of new inverts, there are also hundreds of great looking corals to choose from! There are some really great show size peices of live rock as well as tons of medium and large pieces of show quality live rock available(something like 1200lbs available)



If you are looking for some new fish or are thinking about getting together a clean up crew, lets chat!



Let me know if I can help with anything and I look forward to chatting reef!!!




Edit: Livestock in the tanks:




Hermits- Dwarf Blue Leg

Hermits- Red Leg

Hermits- Electric Blue Leg

Hermits- Hawaiian Halloween

Hermits- Hawaiian Orange and Red banded

Hermits- Hawaiian Zebra

Hermits- White Leg

Hermits- Hawaiian Blue Eye

Feather Duster- Giant

Feather Duster- Pink and White

Feather Dusters- Cocoworm, Colored

Star- Sand Sifting

Star- Brittle, banded

Star- Brittle, Red and Black

Star- Serpent, banded

Star- Chocolate Chip(not reef safe)- M

Star- Chocolate Chip(not reef safe)- L

Star- Linckia, Blue

Star- Linckia, Orange

Star- Jewel Tile

Cucumber- Sea Apple

Cucumber- Tiger Tail Sand Sifting

Cucumber- Pink and Yellow Filter Feeding

Cucumber- Yellow Filter Feeding

Slug- Sea Hair

Slug- Purple Nudibranch

Slug- Light Blue w/Black Patterns Nudibranch

Slug- White with Black Patterns Nudibranch, L

Slug- Velvet Nudibranch

Anemone- Maxi Mini Carpet- Colored

Anemone- Maxi Mini Carpet- Ultra

Anemone- Sebae, Whte w/Blue Tips

Anemone- Long Tenticle, Green

Anemone- Long Tenticle, Purple

Anemone- Green Bubbltip, M

Anemone- Rose Bubbletip, S

Anemone- Rose Bubbletip, M

Anemone- Rose Bubbletip, L

Anemone- Tube, Green

Shrimp- Coral Banded, M

Shrimp- Coral Banded, Gold

Shrimp- Anemone

Shrimp- Sexy

Shrimp- Peppermint

Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk M

Shrimp- Cleaner, Skunk XL

Shrimp- Fire, L

Shrimp- Harlequin

Shrimp- Pistol, Target

Shrimp- Pistol, Candy Stripe

Shrimp- Mantis, Peacock

Crab- Red Mithrix

Crab- Emerald

Crab- Sally Light Foot

Crab- Decorator, Spider

Crab- Porcelin

Crab- Anemone

Snails- Astrea

Snails- Nerite

Snails- Margarita Turbos

Snails- Cerith

Snails- Zebra Turbos

Snails- Mexican Turbos

Snails- Nassarius Obsellita

Snails- Nassarius, Vibex L

Snails- Nassarius, Tongan M

Snails- Nassarius, Chestnut, Jumbo

Snails- Trochus, Tiger/Red Banded

Snails- Trochus, White Banded

Snails- Bumble Bee

Conch- Tiger Sand

Conch- Crown

Conch- Haittian Fighting

Conch- Spider

Urchin- Long Spine

Urchin- Short Spine

Urchin- Pincushion, Orange/Black/White, L

Urchin- Pincushion, Royal, S

Cowrie- Money

Scallop- Flame





Chromis- Green

Damsel- Various

Clown- Ocellaris

Clown- Gold Stripe Maroon, L

Clown- Pink Skunk

Clown- Orange Skunk

Clown- Tomato

Clown- Saddleback

Clown- Sebae

Butterfly- Copperband

Butterfly- Keini

Butterfly- Heniochus, Black and White

Angel- Potters

Angel- Coral Beauty, Dwarf

Angel- Multicolored, Dwarf

Angel- Half Black, Dwarf

Angel- Bicolor, Dwarf

Angel- Heralds, Yellow, Dwarf

Angel- Pacific Pygmy

Angel- Japenese Swallowtail, Male

Angel- Koran, Juvenile

Angel- Emperator, Juvenile

Angel- Emperator, Show

Pseudochromis- Bicolor

Pseudochromis- Diadema

Pseudochromis- Purple

Anthias- Disbar

Anthias- Tri Color, Squamipinnis

Anthias- Yellow Square, Female

Anthias- Square, Male

Goby- Panda

Goby- Yellow Watchman

Goby- Engineer, S

Goby- Engineer, M

Goby- Firefish

Goby- Diamond, Sand Sifting

Goby- Yellow Headed Sleeper, Sand Sifting

Cardinal- Bangaii, M

Cardinal- Bangaii, S Tank Raised

Cardinal- Pajama

Cardinal- Ruby

Dragonet- Scooter

Dragonet- Scooter, Red

Dragonet- Mandarin,Target/yellow

Dragonet- Mandarin, Green, XL

Blenny- Lawnmower, Algae

Blenny- Starry, Algae, M

Blenny- Tribal/Black Midas

Blenny- Two Spot, S

Blenny- Tailspot

Blenny- Fang, Leartail

Tang- Scopas

Tang- Yellow S-M

Tang- Powder Brown

Tang- Mimic, Yellow

Tang- Naso, SM

Tang- Sailfin, LG

Tang- Vlamingi, XXL

Rabbitfish- Foxface

Wrasse- Flasher, Filamented

Wrasse- Flasher, McCoskeri- Male

Wrasse- Fairy, Solaris

Wrasse- Fairy, Pink Black Spot

Wrasse- Fairy, Purple and Blue

Wrasse- Fairy, Black Tail

Wrasse- Fairy, Blue Sided, L

Wrasse- Melanarus, Male

Wrasse- Light Green

Wrasse- Coris, Yellow

Wrasse- 6-line

Wrasse- 6-line, XL

Wrasse- 5 Bar Mystery

Wrasse- Cleaner, Bicolor

Wrasse- Leopard

Hogfish- 2-spot Yellow

Boxfish- Yellow Cubicus


Filefish- Aiptasia Eating

Hawkfish- Longnose

Hawkfish- Flame, Hawiian

Pipefish- Australian Dragon Face

Stingray- Cortez

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Garrett, we need to talk! I NEED flame hawks!


Also, I switched some fish out from a tank I maintain. I have a hawaiian squirrelfish (I know, not the MOST sought after fish, but he is really nice and striking none-the-less) that isn't gonna work in any of my other tanks. I would give him to you, as I know you will find him a good home!

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