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New Tank


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Hi All,


Does anyone have a complete setup for sale? I mean,


Tank, Canopy, Stand,

Skimmer, Sump, Pumps and all the bells and whistles of the hobby...


looking for a tank which is atleast 40 G!


I am planning to upgrade to a bigger tank, just because I feel I rushed into the hobby with a smaller 29G tank!! got ich in the smaller tank and want a more stable system, and while I am treating the fish, I want to get a new tank started as I cant put the fish in the tank for a month or more anyway!!


Please respond!! :)

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Hello, I have a 40 breeder for sale, with stand, MH lumenmax 250 reflector and 14k lamp with electronic (dimmable) ballast, reef octopus ps110 skimmer, 20 long custom sump with hang on back overflow and return pump, a 250 watt heater, and a 1050 koralia circulation pump ( I have a 750 if you want lower flow). I have broken it down to move into a smaller apartment. Everything is in great working condition. Please email me with an offer if you're interested. I'll work out a deal for you.

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I have one that I need to get rid of by the end of the month...I would give you a killer deal on it if you can come get it. check it out in this thread (it is the one with the wood stand/trim, the tank that is running) I will even give you all of the live sand thats in there if you want it to help with the startup of your setup.



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