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Do U have unwanted Corals Iam Willing to take them off your hands


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Do U have unwanted Corals Iam Willing to take them off your hands.(whistle)

My 170 gal reef is prety much empty (sad). I moved every thing from my 75 gal and it dont cover every much of my used/new tank one little corner has life (sad). I would be happy with frags if any one is willing to toss me any. I have tryed sps corals and the only type I can keep alive is a birds nest the stag I had didnt do well. my LPS love my tank (kena tree and polyps, leather Mushrooms).


Tank 170 gal cube , 40 gal sump, skimmer, (2) 400 watt MH, internal pump system, pushing 1150 gal per hour through sump and recycle system.


Trautman Thanks for the frogspawn its doing well, the xinea detatched it's self and can find were it went.




I have RO/DI water I would be willing to offer up I have 60 gal always ready just bring your 5 gal containers over.

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I have colt coral' date=' orange digitata, green briareum and two kinds of xenia if you are interested. Most everything is unmounted but free is a very good price.[/quote']


If you find your way over to Vancouver let me know.


Thanks Rich that would be awsome are you at home this weekend?


You guys are the best. That what makes me relly enjoy this hobby and fourm you are all willing to help out the new guys. If you ever need any thing and I can provide Iam there for ya.

Hog Head thanks aslo but I never get up that way if your coming to the OCT meetting I would meet you there.



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Hey Just want give Steve (saltfinsax) and David (ocboat) a great big shout out and a Thank You for being so generous.

They almost filled my tank between the both of them once every thing grows out Ill be hard pressed to get any thing else in there.


When every thing starts growing out Ill return the favor to a newbee starting out for sure.


Kimberly would you mind giving your offering to Colin (red mushrooms and a green bubble mushroom) Steve took care of me with the shrooms.

Colin check with Rich (richMckee) for some xenia Steve gave me enough for an out breake lol.


You all went above and beoynd what I was expecting to get as hand outs.


Some one should start a room just for the new reefers If any one has extra's or frags for the new guys.


Thanks ReefSickNess

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Ill have to take a few pics and put the thread back up I took it down since a few people didnt like the way I put my Rock.


Who cares about the few that complained about it. You enjoyed it and so did the rest of us. Can't wait for it to come back up. I was wondering the same thing as Josh about your thread. Been waiting to see more updates.

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