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T-5 Lighting


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You can't really base your lighting choice on peoples pictures. Some cameras take awesome tank shots, but others take crappy pics (like mine). I would recommend looking at lighting in person before u make a decision. It's the only true way to determine which u like best.

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+1 on j dog but pics help too because some people won't drive 30 miles to see a light fixture I'n action. Just get a better camera.




I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=45.653940,-122.568729

Right I have a good camera. My lighting is 2 T-5 blue pluses 1 10,000 k sun and 1 purple 454 actinic. the color on the coals is great I think, but some get better color. I want to know if they are T-5 people or not

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