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Frag not doing well


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I bought a little frag at the meeting. Can't remember what it's called ( hanging my head in shame) It's neon pale green and sometimes the little heads pop out. Anyway , a few days ago it developed a jello like covering over the one side and now that piece is slimy and disintegrating. Is there any hope or should I just toss it.I don't want to poison my tank because of an $8 frag.

PS how do I post a picture?


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is it a soft coral? my cabbage corals secret a nasty mucous fairly frequently. when they're making it, they look fairly sickly and as soon as it sloughs off, the coral is quite happy. it seems to be regular behavior. I've been told that the mucous can be unhealthy for tankmates, but as long as I'm skimming productively, it shouldn't matter.

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