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A new coral from impur and a couple others.

Hog Head

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Thanks Miles, it looks nice under the Phoenix 14k's.


Chili Pepper


Chili Pepper and Oregon Tort? Purple, blue and green. It has encrusted rock and the back of the tank.


Yellow Turbinaria The picture doesn't really represent the actual size of this thing. Also quickly covering the back of the tank and rock.



The pics aren't perfect. I took them with my iP4.

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Thanks to you as well!! It looks good there, i bet it encrusts down onto the rock by the end of the month!


The growth of that blue one looks more like a bottlebrush type acro to me, it looks awesome i love the green and blue combo. And now i can see what you were talking about with the tubinaria wow that things huge it looks really cool how its growing.

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